Irvine Junior Games Committee

irvine junior games committee

  • Irvine Junior Games 2022 Directors

    Sharon Wellikson & Theresa Collins


  • Irvine Junior Games 2022 Meet Director

    Simone Carmichael

In addition to the IJG committee working year round,  ICF is proud to have more than 300 Community Volunteers throughout the year and at the Irvine Junior Games annual fundraising track and field event.

IJG Committee Member Position Year Joined
Tara Almond Opening Ceremony 2019
Wendy Bokota Volunteers 2017
Aimee Boschen IJG Treasurer 2014
Brent Boznanski Soccer Kick 2012
Kerry Boznanski Basketball 2012
Keinan Briggs Long Jump 2013
IJG Track and Field Clinic
Lauren Brooks ICF President 2022
Simone Carmichael IJG Meet Director 2016
Jessica Cassesse IJG Ticket Sales & Admission 2011
Karly Cassese IJG Ticket Sales & Admission 2020
Theresa Collins ICF & IJG Director 2006
Larry Cope Front Track Staging 2004
Beth Courtiss Back Track Staging 2013
Aaron Craver IJG Track Director 2013
IJG Track and Field Clinic
La Wanda Crawley Athlete Check-In 2016
Cheryl Evans Announcer 2006
 Pat Evans Announcer 2012
John Firth Basketball 2012
Myra Firth Concessions 2014
John Firth Basketball 2012
Dennis Gibbs Back Track Staging 1991
Greg Goodrich ICF Past President 2018
Dan Hebert Long Jump 2012
Anthony Kuo EXPO 2016
Lisa Lanphere Data 2001
Michael Lanphere Data 2004
Jim Leung Sponsor Tent 2022
Anne Marquand Clerk of Course 1993
Mike Marquand IJG Meet Director Emeritus 1993
Michelle Nguyen IJG Facilities 2014
Michele Ogden Photographer 2014
Christie Papagiannis Back Track Finish Line 2022
Shilpa Patel Sponsor Tent Check-In 2016
Steve Pearson Announcer 1999
Linda Pretzel-Roberts Awards 2005
Florizza Quilala Silent Auction 2017
Scott Roberts Awards 2008
Jamie Rogerson Front Track Finish Line 2010
Todd Taylor Security 2015
Don Terres Field Director 2008
Kevin Trussell Past IJG Chairman & Business 2009
Noah Wellikson Soccer Kick 2008
Sharon Wellikson IJG Sponsors 1988
Susan Whittaker Athlete EXPO 2011
Brooke Young Assistant Clerk of Course 2018