Irvine Child Care Project


Irvine Children’s Fund Before & After School Child Care Scholarship Program (ICCP)

For 2020 – 2021, ICF has committed to raise $171,000 for Child Care Scholarships & Programs

childcareIn 1988, the Irvine Children’s Fund established a child care scholarship fund for low income,working families. The Irvine Children’s Fund Scholarship Program provides scholarships for children enrolled in Irvine Child Care Project (ICCP) supervised child care sites located at Irvine schools. The ICF Child Care Scholarship Program provides 50% of a child’s fees. The family is responsible for the remaining 50%.  The goal is to make child care affordable to working families whose income is severely limited. The Irvine Children’s Fund has provided scholarships totaling $2,298,441. ICF has provided before and after school child care scholarships for 1,823 elementary age children.

Funds Granted To The Child Care Sites & Schools

In 1990, the Irvine Children’s Fund established a program to thank the Irvine Unified School District (IUSD) elementary and middle schools for their support and participation in the Irvine Junior Games. Grants for instruction and athletic equipment in the amount of $242,292 have been funded. In 1999, ICF began providing money to the child care sites to purchase supplies and equipment for each site. Since 1999, ICF has contributed $288,675 to the child care sites to purchase supplies and equipment. ICF has committed $28,000 to enhance the programs at each child care site this year.